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original owner: ?
purchased from: ?
purchase price: $  ?                                      (MSRP= $151,660 ??)
delivery date: ?
build date: ?
completion date: ?
exterior colors: White / Black trim / Black wheels
Base Model $123,200
B4 Carrara White $4,315
78 Black Full Leather $2,995
450 Ceramic Composite Brakes-PCCB $8,840
09991 All Exclusive Options Stitching Deviating Color $290                                                     white
24901 Dashboard Stitching Deviating Color $240                                                                    white
24903 Door Handle Stitching Deviating Color $470                                                                 white
24905 Rear Side Panel Deviating Stitching $310                                                                       white
25851 Seat Stitching Deviating Color GT3 $940                                                                      white
CDJ Gear Lever Trim Exterior Color $290
CDM Trim Strip Painted Exterior Color $520
CDR Belt Outlet B Pillar Exterior Color $180
CRY 19″ GT3 RS Wheels Deviating Color $1,915                                                                   black
CXD Door Entry Guards Carbon Illuminated $1,380
EZB Carbon Package Switch Panel $2,900
XMJ Rear Center Console – Carbon $1,625
XPA Thicker Steering Wheel-Leather $0
XXZ Foot Rest Aluminum $250
810 Floor Mats – Interior Color $140
Destination Charge $860

factory installed rollbar plates?

2nd owner: Edgemontvillage, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
purchased from: Lamborghini Dallas, Dallas, Texas
purchase price: $
purchase date: July 8, 2008

“last night I did a deal for a white ’07 RS at a fair price; 1 owner, lots of options including full leather, PCCB’s and much more.
Once I finalize the deal I’ll post pictures. The car is not currently in the GT3RS Registry.”


“…all I have at this point are a couple of photos from the dealer which aren’t great – I’ll post a few more when the car arrives.
It’s been a challenge to find a quality transport company who is doing a run from Dallas to Seattle (to Barrier Porsche) anytime
soon..arrrgh – I’ll be driving the RS from there to Vancouver!  I purchased #2710 from Boardwalk Lambo in Dallas, they’ve
been terrific to deal with.”


“Well today was the day…finally! A buddy and I headed out from Vancouver at 8:00am to pick up the GT3RS at Barrier Motors in Bellevue.
It’s about a 2 hour drive + the US/Canadian border lineup which was light today, only about 20 minutes. We arrived at Barrier and there it
was – on deck and ready to go! After a thorough lookover and some paperwork we were on our way north. Shortly after pulling out of the
dealer’s lot I stopped at a light and experienced the unique mechanical signature of the LWFW – now I appreciate what I have been reading
about. In my opinion it adds even more charactor to an already special and unique car. Heading north on the I-405, traffic was fairly heavy
through Bellevue and Seattle until we got closer to Everett, I couldn’t wait to experience the performance of the car. I appreciate that its
difficult to do that in a straight line traveling on the I-5 however it was still amazing, the sound, the power, the handling were all intoxicating.
I turned on the radio only briefly, however the din of the engine and all the mechanical sounds combined to make the radio truly useless –
what was I thinking. Following a stop to refuel and refresh we finally arrived at the border, and, after an hour our so the paperwork was
done and the RS was on its way home. It turned out to be a full day. I am really looking forward to taking the RS out for a full orientation
drive once it gets inspected and registered (another several day process). Discovering what my GT3RS is capable of has just begun. Attached
are a couple of photos taken by my buddy.”


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