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original owner: ?
purchased from: ?
purchase price: $ ?                                (MSRP= $142,915 ?)
delivery date: ?
build date: ?
completion date: ?
exterior colors: Orange / Black trim / Black wheels
Base Model $123,200
N2 Orange $3,070
P74 Bi-Xenon Headlamp Package $1,090
450 Ceramic Composite Brakes-PCCB $8,840
639 Sport Chrono Package W/Out PCM $690
CDJ Gear Lever Trim Exterior Color $290
CDP Instrument Surround Painted Exterior Color $440
CET Door Opener Trim Exterior Color $780
CGA Headlight Cleaner Cover Exterior Color $215
CMG Switch Panel Package Painted Exterior Color $1,990
CMR Belt Outlet B-Pillar Painted Exterior Color $180
CUV Storage Compartment Lid w/Model Logo $290
XME Rear Center Console Painted Exterior Color $730
XXZ Foot Rest Aluminum $250
Destination Charge $860

factory installed rollbar plates?
car came with Michelin tires

2nd owner: richk, Los Angeles, California
purchased from: Champion Motor Group / Bentley Long Island    (via Excell Auto, Boca Raton, Florida)
purchase price: $179,000
purchase date: January 8, 2008

listed for sale on the duPont Registry web site for “Call for Price” with 1,150 miles   2007.10.20
seller = Excell Auto, Boca Raton, Florida

still listed for sale on the duPont Registry web site with 1,150 miles   2007.10.26


listed for sale on the Excell Auto web site for $177,900 with 1,150 miles   2007.10.20

still listed on the Excell Auto web site with 1,150 miles on the odometer   2007.11.07
“KBB Retail Price” = $177,900

listed as SOLD   2007.12.28


listed for sale on the GlobalAutosports.com web site for $185,000 with 1,161 miles on the odometer   2007.11.17
seller = Bentley Long Island, Jericho, NY

also listed on the Bentley Long Island / Champion Motor Group web site for $185,000 with 1,161 miles on the odometer   2007.11.17

“2007 Porsche 911 GT3 RS in Orange with Black and Orange Interior, equipped with Ceramic Composite Brakes-PCCB,
Bi-Xenon Headlamps, Aluminum/Rubber Footrests, Storage Compartment Lid with Model Logo, and Sport Chrono
Package. Instrument Surround/Belt Outlet B Pillar/Door Opener/Headlight Cleaner Cover/Rear Center Console/Switch
Panel/Gear Lever are painted in Orange.

View additional photos at www.championmotorgroup.com. Please contact us for more information.”

still listed for sale   2007.11.26


listed for sale on eBay with Starting Price $169,000 and 1,161 miles on the odometer
seller = bentleylongisland
item location = Champion Motor Group, Jericho, New York


purchased from Champion Motor Group with 1,300 miles on the odometer   2008.01.22

“paid $179k last week”   2008.01.03

“getting orange RS on Tuesday (= 2008.01.08)”

Sunday drive.  Ferrrari 599 & Porsche GT3 RS
Posted to Rennlist. Picture taken 2008.03.23

richk still has the car   2008.03.24

3rd owner: ?
purchased from: richk or Exclusive Motorcars, Los Angeles, California
purchase price: $ ?
purchase date: ?

richk announced on the Rennlist web forum that he was selling this car, to purchase a 997 cup car   2008.11.14
the car has 5200 miles on the odometer.  asking MSRP+$10k = $152,000

“car has full film wrap, sharkwerks bypass, built in K40 and alot of cool
stuff from the factory!  the car has 4 track days and the tires are new!”

car is sold (not to a Rennlist member)   2008.11.27
buyer backed out, car is still for sale.  Rich will sell it to a Rellist member for $133,000   2008.11.29


listed for sale on the duPont Registry web site for $154,995 with 5250 miles on the odometer   2008.11.19
seller = Exclusive Motorcars, Los Angeles, California

still listed for sale, with the price reduced to $139,995 with 5250 miles on the odometer   2008.12.23
no longer listed for sale on the duPont Registry   2009.01.08


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