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original owner: A430v, Southern California
purchased from: Rusnak/Pasadena, Pasadena, California
purchase price: $  ?                                      (MSRP= $165,000 +)
delivery date: August 6, 2007 (originally expected mid-March 2007)
build date: ?
completion date: ?
exterior colors: White / Black trim / Black wheels
Base Model $123,200
B4 Carrara White $4,315
450 Ceramic Composite Brakes-PCCB $8,840
P74 Bi-Xenon Headlamp Package $1,090
P?? PCM 2.1 Navigation $3,xxx
640 Chrono Package $690
CUV Storage Compartment Lid With Model Logo $290
09991 All Exclusive Options Stitching Deviating Color $290
24901 Dashboard Stitching Deviating Color $240                                       yellow stitching on dashboard
24902 Door Stitching in Deviating Color $160                                            yellow stitching on doors
24903 Door Handle Stitching Deviating Color $470                                    yellow stitching on door handles
24904 Deviating Stitching Side Center Console $160                                  yellow stitching
24905 Rear Side Panel Deviating Stitching $310                                         yellow stitching
25851 Seat Stitching Deviating Color GT3 $940                                         yellow stitching on seats
XSY Seat Belts – Yellow $540                                                                   yellow seat belts
XMJ Rear Center Console – Carbon $1,625
Destination Charge $860

factory installed rollbar plates?
still waiting for delivery, as of April 11th


A430v still has car   2007.11.05

2nd owner: 335_II, Miami, Florida                             Florida license plate “L96AP
purchased from: A430v, South California
purchase price: $ ?
purchase date: March 2008


Posted to the TeamSpeed web forum on 2008.07.23
Photographs taken on 2008.07.22.        Photography by J.A. Cadet

3rd owner: ?
purchased from: 335_II, Miami, Florida
purchase price: $ ?
purchase date: ?

listed for sale on eBay with BuyItNow price = $158,000 with 3,200 miles on the odometer   2009.04.19
eBay seller = rrgoo7                                      item location = Miami, Florida
auction ends 2009.04.26

“Up for sale is my 2007 GT3 RS. I purchased the car about with 900 miles in 03/08. It has been babied and garage kept
and covered its entire life . I am a car enthusiast and take care of all my vehicles to the fullest extent. The oil was changed
at 2500 miles which was about four months ago. All work has been done at the local dealer The Collection. This is
arguably the best specd GT3RS in the country. The MSRP was 160,000. The car has a full clearbra on the front end
(bumper, hood, lights) as well as the lower panels of the car. The clearbra install was PERFECTION. It is barely noticeable.
This car also has Lojack installed. There is not a single mark on the car, the pictures speak for themselves. The car has
never been involved in an accident or had any paint work of any kind. It is perfection. If you have any questions please feel
free. I am not interested in any trades at this time. I assume that anoyone looking at this car is familar with options and
such, therefore I have not listed the options. I open to having the car inspected. I have the title in hand.”

auction ended with 2 offers, for $128,000 and $130,000, both declined, NO SALE   2009.04.26


listed for sale on eBay with BuyItNow price = $154,000 and 3,200 miles on the odometer   2009.04.27
eBay seller = rrgoo7                      item location = Miami, Florida
auction ends 2009.05.04

auction ended with 1 offer for $125,000 declined, NO SALE   2009.05.04


listed for sale on eBay with BuyItNow price = $154,000 and 3,200 miles on the odometer   2009.05.04
eBay seller = rrgoo7                      item location = Miami, Florida
auction ends 2009.05.11

auction ended with 2 offers, for $155k and $120k, both declined, NO SALE   2009.05.11



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