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original owner: ?
purchased from: a dealer in California
purchase price: ?                                           (MSRP = $154,245)
delivery date: April 2, 2007 ?
build date: ?
completion date: ?
exterior colors: White / White trim / Silver wheels
Base Model $123,200
B4 Carrara White $4,315
78 Black Full Leather $2,995
P74 Bi-Xenon Headlamp Package $1,090
450 Ceramic Composite Brakes-PCCB $8,840
P16 PCM 2.1 Navigation $3,070
640 Chrono Package Plus $690
CUV Storage Compartment Lid W/Model Logo $290
EZA Interior Package Carbon $890
EZB Carbon Package Switch Panel $2,900
346 Wheels Painted Silver $0
09991 All Exclusive Options Stitching Deviating Color $290
24901 Dashboard Stitching Deviating Color $240
24902 Door Stitching in Deviating Color $160
24903 Door Handle Stitching Deviating Color $470
24904 Deviating Stitching Side Center Console $160
24905 Rear Side Panel Deviating Stitching $310
25851 Seat Stitch Deviating Color GT3 $940
X69 Carbon Door Sill Model Insignia $780
XMJ Rear Center Console – Carbon $1,625
XSY Seat Belts – Speed Yellow $540
XXZ Foot Rest Aluminum $250
810 Floor Mats – Interior Color $140
Destination Charge $860

factory installed rollbar plates?

in a discussion of the high prices of the GT3 RS on the FmotorSports.com forum, this picture was posted by datax on 2007.07.25

the “S” appears to be incorrectly recorded as a “5” in the VIN


the car was ordered without black mirrors or decals, and with silver wheels

someone (original owner?) has added decals and black mirrors, and black wheels

2nd owner: Md11skipper, Clyde Hill, Washington
purchased from: Barrier Porsche, Bellevue, Washington
purchase price: $
purchase date: December 2008

listed for sale on cars.com for $169,995 with 7,628 miles on the odometer   2008.11.13
seller = Barrier Porsche
listing includes a free CarFax report

still listed for sale on the cars.com web site   2008.12.23


listed for sale on the Barrier Porsche web site for $169,995 with 7,628 miles on the odometer   2008.11.13

no longer listed on Barrier Porsche’s web site   2008.12.23


listed for sale on the Porsche.com web site’s used vehicle locator web site for $169,995 with 7,707 miles on the odometer   2008.11.19
seller = Barrier Porsche

no longer listed   2008.12.23


posted to Rennlist by Md11skipper on 2009.01.25
If anybody knows the original owner of my new car (WP0AC29957S792461), please let me know if I am not asking for too
much. Trying to fill in all the gaps and get more background on the car and on the aftermarket exhaust that came with it.
If it helps the car is white, yellow stitching, yellow seatbelts, all carbon, Navi, PCCB, it had LowJack and had about 7600
miles. My local dealer bought this RS with black painted Champion RS98 wheels with polished outside rims and before it
sold the car to me, installed the original black GT3 RS wheels and there are no spacers installed.
Your help is greatly appreciated”


Looking for stock headers, cats and sport valves, if anyone of you has a setup in great condition for sale, please let me know.


posted to Rennlist by Md11skipper on 2009.04.30
“A few month back I bought an RS with about 7000 miles and thought the clutch is twice as stiff as my
previous 996 C2. After driving the car 500 miles, the clutch made some squeaking noises on the last inch
of clutch pedal travel. Dealer removed transaxle to clean and lubricate clutch fork pivot bearing and also
found the clutch plate, pressure plate worn and the flywheel burned due to abuse from the previous owner.
They replaced the flywheel, pressure and clutch plate, throw out bearing and lubricated the clutch fork
pivot bearing. After the repair I first thought they installed the wrong pressure plate because the pressure
required to release the clutch seemed half from what it used to feel. It is hardly more pressure then my old
C2. The technician who performed the work told me that a worn pressure plate spring will contribute to an
increase of pedal pressure. All in all I am a very happy customer because the clutch feels a whole lot
better then before. The removal of the transmission to clean and lubricate the clutch fork bearing was
under warranty but the flywheel, pressure plate, clutch plate and bearing I had to pay for. Took advantage
of the free labor (transaxle removal) and had a Guard LSD installed. Super improvement!!!  RMS was
perfect after 8000 miles – lucky me.

Hope this info helps you guys!”


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