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original owner: bostonlegal1
purchased from: Auto Place Porsche, Williamsville, New York
purchase price: MSRP= $139,005
delivery date: ?
build date: ?
completion date: ?
exterior colors: Black / Orange trim / Orange wheels
Base Model $123,200
A1 Black $0
78 Black Full Leather $2,995
Power Seats
450 Ceramic Composite Brakes-PCCB $8,840
P74 Bi-Xenon Headlamp Package $1,090
639 Chrono Package $690
25851 Seat Stitching Deviating Color GT3 $940
XXZ Foot Rest Aluminum $250
810 Floor Mats – Interior Color $140
Destination Charge $860

factory installed rollbar plates?
car came with Pirelli PZero Corsa tires


for sale on eBay by seller “bostonlegal1” with 58 miles on the odometer   2007.05.26
starting bid $169,500 and “BuyItNow” price $183,000
auction ends 2007.06.02

available/unsold as of 2007.05.31

“ Extremely Rare Color (approx. 20 units)”
“MSRP $139,005 + $3,850 3M Paint Protection”
as of 2007.06.02 10am EST 1 bid, price at $169,500

winning bidder was “dooman740” with a winning bid of $169,600 on 2007.06.02


2nd owner: dooman740
purchased from: bostonlegal1
purchase price: $169,600
purchase date: June 2, 2007

is dooman740 = excellautogroup?
or, did dooman740 own the car for 17 miles and then decide to sell it?


for sale on eBay by seller “excellautogroup” with 75 miles on the odometer   2007.06.30
item location Boca Raton, Florida

auction ends 2007.07.10

As of 2007.07.03 11am EST 15 bids w/9 bidders, price is up to $160,100.01
auction ended 2007.07.10 @ $170,099 <Reserve not met> NO SALE

picture 01 profile
picture 05 rear side view
picture 12 wheel
picture 14 rear
picture 16 interior & dash
picture 22 door
picture 28 window sticker
picture 29 trunk
picture 30 engine bay


for sale on eBay by seller “excellautogroup” with 400 miles on the odometer
picture 3
picture 7
picture 17
picture 25
picture 31
auction ended July 22, 2007 with 20 bids, highest bid $150,100 <Reserve not met> = No Sale


for sale on eBay by seller “excellautogroup” with 400 miles on the odometer
“original MSRP was $139,000”
auction ends August 3, 2007, item location Boca Raton, Florida
as of August 3, 2007 8pm EST 37 bids w/9 bidders, prices is up to $150,600 <reserve not met>
final price $150,600 auction ended with <Reserve not met> = No Sale


On the Excell Auto web site www.excellauto.com the car is listed as “SOLD”   2007.08.20


3rd owner: vk430gt, Michigan                                                        Florida license plate “PETTIGR
purchased from: Excell Auto Group, Boca Raton, Florida
purchase price: $ ?
purchase date: September 2007

“she has H&R lowering springs on it, she also has cargrapic front spoiler, rear wing, and all cabon interior w/ euro racing seats and
orange 4 point harnesses. she also has the sharkwerks stage 3 kit, custom tubi exhaust, orange painted roof panel, gt3 cup style rear
windows. red taillights, carbon fiber side mirors, carbon ceramic brakes. and has iits license plate says PETTIGR.”

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