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original owner: PoorBobbie, Monrovia, California
purchased from: Rusnak/Pasadena, Pasadena, California
purchase price: paid MSRP                                    (MSRP= $   ?    )
delivery date: May 16, 2007
build date: April 2007
completion date: April 6, 2007
exterior colors: Orange / Black trim / Black wheels
Porsche Base Model $123,200
N2 Orange $3,070
450 Ceramic Composite Brakes-PCCB $8,840
P74 Bi-Xenon Headlamp Package $1,090
EZA Interior Package Carbon $890
     Small Carbon Package
Carbon on shift knob
Carbon shifter/brake with leather

XPA Thicker Steering Wheel-Leather $0
X69 Carbon Door Sill Model Insignia $780
     Carbon Door Sills
Destination Charge $860

factory installed rollbar plates?

placed order with deposit 2006.03
loaded onto vessel 2007.04.23
due to dock at San Diego 2007.05.09

delivery expected 2007.05.15 in Pasadena => Rusnak/Pasadena?
was #1 of 4 at his dealer

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