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original owner: Shrews, Austin, Texas
purchased from: Byers Imports ?
purchase price: MSRP= $142,640
delivery date: May 26, 2007
build date:
completion date:
exterior colors: Orange / Black trim / Black wheels
Base GT3 RS $123,200
N2 Orange $3,070
78 Black Full Leather $2,995
450 Ceramic Composite Brakes-PCCB $8,840
P74 Bi-Xenon Headlamp Package $1,090
CGA Headlight Cleaner Cover in Exterior Color $215
639 Sport Chrono Package W/Out PCM $690
CDM Trim Strip Painted Exterior Color $520
CUV Storage Compartment Lid with Model Logo $290
XME Rear Center Console Painted Exterior Color $730
810 Floor Mats – Interior Color $140
Destination Charge $860

factory installed rollbar plates?
car came with Michelin tires

vessel “Braunschweig” left port May 9, due in Baltimore May 22

Advertised for sale on Rennlist 2007.05.30 for $182,000 with 50 miles

listed on eBay 2007.06.01 with 66 miles
for sale on eBay by seller “shrewsc4s” auction ends 2007.06.06
bid $168,000 as of 2007.06.03
final price $174,600 seller ID private

car probably has option 78 Black Full Leather, since $ for options comes up $2,995 short of quoted MSRP

Titled in Ohio with 20 miles on the odometer   2007.06.06

2nd owner: ?
purchased from: Shrews, Austin, Texas
purchase price: $174,600
purchase date:
 June 11, 2007

Emission inspection in Colorado   2007.06.11
Titled in Denver, Colorado with 72 miles on the odometer   2007.06.18

Emission inspection in Houston, Texas with 98 miles on the odometer   2007.06.29
Titled in Houston, Texas   2007.07.16

Registration renewed in Houston, Texas   2008.06.01

Registration renewed in Houston, Texas   2009.06.01

Emission inspection in Houston, Texas with 1,845 miles on the odometer   2009.09.29

* this car may have been sold to rpmsportscars. I believe they were located in Denver, Colorado and then moved to, or opened another sales office in, Houston Texas *

3rd owner: ?
purchased from: Lamborghini Houston, Houston, Texas
purchase price: $
purchase date:


listed for sale on eBay with Starting Price = $200 and 2,183 miles on the odometer   2010.05.03
eBay seller = lamborghinihouston                    item location = Houston, Texas

“2007 Porsche 911 GT3 RS in Orange over Black Alantara and Leather with just 2,183 miles. Well equipped with the PCCB (Porsche Carbon Ceramic Brakes), Litronic Headlights, Headlight Washers in Body Color, Leather Interior Lining, Orange Center Console, Sport Chrono, Black Colored Instrument Dials and Stopwatch, and Black Floor Mats.”

auction ends 2010.05.13

auction ended with 14 bids, highest bid = $95,100 <Reserve not met> NO SALE


4th owner: ?
purchased from: Pacific Porsche, Torrance, California
purchase price: $
purchase date:
 February – March 2012

listed for sale on the autos.yahoo.com web site for $108,900 with 4,018 miles on the odometer   2012.01.21
seller = 877-291-0202

no longer listed for sale   2012.03.05


listed for sale on the Pacific Porsche web site for $106,885 with 4,018 miles on the odometer   2012.01.21

no longer listed for sale   2012.03.05


listed for sale on the Porsche web site’s used vehicle locator for $108,900 with 4,018 miles on the odometer   2012.01.22
seller = Pacific Porsche, Torrance

still listed for sale, with the price reduced to $106,885 with 4,018 miles on the odometer   2012.01.28
still listed for sale   2012.02.11

no longer listed for sale   2012.03.05


5th owner: ?
purchased from: Zen Motorsports, Oldsmar, Florida
purchase price: $
purchase date:
 June-August 2013

listed for sale on the cars.com web site for $107,900 with 5,722 miles on the odometer   2013.06.24
seller = Zen Motorsports


listed as SOLD on the Zen Motorsports web site with price = $107,900 and 5,722 miles on the odometer   2013.08.19

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