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riginal owner: Nicholas Cage, Los Angeles, California
purchased from: Newport Beach Porsche, Newport Beach, California
purchase price: $   ?                                     (MSRP= $138,000 +)
delivery date: May 2, 2007
build date:
completion date:
exterior colors: Black / Orange trim / Orange wheels
Base Model $123,200
A1 Black $0
P74 Bi-Xenon Headlamp Package $1,090
450 Ceramic Composite Brakes-PCCB $8,840
??? PCM 2.1 Navigation $ ?
640 Chrono Package Plus $690
XXZ Foor Rest Aluminum $250
810 Floor Mats – Interior Color $140
Destination Charge $860

factory installed rollbar plates?

the car has 10 miles on the odometer   2007.04.19

The car was at Newport Beach Porsche being prepared for delivery over the weekend of April 28/29, 2007.

Title issued with 22 miles on the odometer   2007.05.02

A factory roll cage has been installed

2nd owner: GT3 Nut, Virginia
purchased from: SwitchCars.com, Cleveland, Ohio
purchase price: $165,000
purchase date: July 2008
exterior colors: Black / Black trim / Black wheels                trim and wheels have been changed to Black

listed for sale on the switchcars.com web site for $175,000 with 850 miles on the odometer   2008.06.22
“Rare Triple Black car (one of three known in the country)”


listed for sale on the cars.com web site for $179,000 with 950 miles on the odometer   2008.07.16
seller = Switchcars.com                         location = Westlake, Ohio

“Ceramic Brakes, Xenons, Chrono plus, Navigation, Factory Roll Cage, Rare Triple Black car
(one of four known in the country) FULL Clear Bra wrap ($5k) installed. Ex-Nicholas Cage car.”


3rd owner: ?
purchased from: GT3 Nut, Virginia
purchase price: $ ?
purchase date: August 2008
exterior colors: Black / Black trim / Black wheels

listed for sale on the Rennlist web forum on 2008.07.31
GT3 Nut is selling the car for $165,000 with 1,100 miles on the odometer:

“Sticker price was just over $138K before the roll bar and clear bra and blacked out items, etc.

I also just put in the following:
996 Euro seats, 6 pt harnesses, Sharkwerks bypass exhaust, Cup car shifter and cables.
Tooki Bluetooth, Air bag shutoff switch (for putting a child in the passenger seat).

I will sell WITH the extras I just put in for $165K.”

the price was revised: “Will sell for $155K if deal can be done within a week.”   2008.08.06

the car is sold:   2008.08.12
“Car is sold.
The seats, sub bars, harnesses, sharkwerks exhaust, Sharkwerks fire
extinguisher mount and Safecraft Fire extinguisher (red) are available.”


listed for sale on the TeamSpeed web forum for $159,900 with 1,100 miles on the odometer   2008.08.07
posted by ArenaMotorGroup of Baltimore
“MSRP $143,130 w/Rollcage.  1 owner celebrity owned, never tracked.”


4th owner: ?
purchased from: Niello Porsche, Rocklin, California
purchase price: $ ?
purchase date: November 2008 ?

listed for sale on the Porsche.com vehicle locator web site for $179,995 with 1,166 miles on the odometer   2008.09.09
seller = Niello Porsche, Rocklin
no pictures

still listed for sale on the vehicle locator web site   2008.09.15
still listed for sale   2008.10.21
still listed for sale   2008.10.28
no longer listed for sale   2008.12.23


listed for sale on the cars.com web site for $179,995 with 1,166 miles on the odometer   2008.10.08
seller = Niello Porsche
listing includes this free CarFax Report

still listed for sale   2008.11.05
no longer listed for sale   2008.11.21


listed for sale on the Niello Porsche web site for $179,995 with 1,166 miles on the odometer   2008.11.05

still listed for sale   2008.11.16
still listed for sale   2008.12.23
no longer listed in inventory, but the page hasn’t been removed…    2009.01.08


listed for sale on eBay with Starting Bid = $159,888 and BuyItNow price = $159,888 with 1176 miles on the odometer   2008.11.07
eBay seller = nielloimportsrocklin                        item location = Rocklin, California
auction ended early with 0 bids   “The seller ended this listing early because the item is no longer available for sale.”


5th owner: ?
purchased from: Porsche of Stevens Creek, San Jose, California
purchase price: $ ?
purchase date: May – June 2012

listed for sale on the Porsche web site’s used vehicle locator for $104,988 with 13,840 miles on the odometer   2012.01.22
seller = Porsche of Stevens Creek

still listed for sale   2012.01.28
still listed for sale   2012.02.11
still listed for sale   2012.03.06
still listed for sale, with the price reduced to $99,988 with 13,840 miles on the odometer   2012.05.10        with 5 new photos
still listed for sale   2012.05.19

no longer listed for sale   2012.06.03


listed for sale on the cars.com web site   2012.04.19


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