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original owner: David MacNeil, owner of WeatherTech
purchased from: Napleton Porsche Westmont, Westmont, Illinois
purchase price: $  ?                                    (MSRP= $151,330)
delivery date: April 24, 2007
build date: ?
completion date: ?
exterior colors: Black / Orange trim / Orange wheels
Base Model $123,200
A1 Black $0
78 Black Full Leather $2,995
P74 Bi-Xenon Headlamp Package $1,090
450 Porsche Ceramic Composite Brakes-PCCB $8,840
P16 Porsche Communication Management (PCM 2.1) Navigation $3,070
640 Sport Chrono Package $690
09991 All Exclusive Options Stitching Deviating Color $290
24901 Dashboard Stitching Deviating Color $240
24902 Door Stitching in Deviating Color $160
24903 Door Handle Stitching Deviating Color $470
24904 Deviating Stitching Side Center Console $160
24905 Rear Side Panel Deviating Stitching $310
25851 Seat Stitching Deviating Color GT3 $940
EZA Interior Package Carbon $890
EZB Carbon Package Switch Panel $2,900
CUV Storage Compartment Lid W/Model Logo $290
CXD Door Entry Guards Carbon Illuminated $1,380
XMJ Rear Center Console – Carbon $1,625
XPA Thicker Steering Wheel-Leather $0
XSH Seat Belts – Silver Grey $540
XXZ Foot Rest Aluminum $250
810 Floor Mats in Interior Color $140
Destination Charge $860

factory installed rollbar plates?
registered as a personal vehicle in Illinois   2007.04.24
title issued in Illinois with 14 miles on the odometer   2007.06.05
vehicle offered for sale with 1,970 miles on the odometer   2010.03.02

2nd owner: Steve Creech
purchased from: Napleton Westmont Porsche, Westmont, Illinois
purchase price: $ ?
purchase date: May 5, 2010

listed for sale on the Porsche web site’s used vehicle locator for $129,997 with 1,969 miles on the odometer   2010.03.07
seller = Napleton Westmont Porsche

“Porsche Approved Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle”

still listed for sale   2010.03.26
still listed for sale   2010.04.21
still listed for sale   2010.05.14

vehicle sold with 1,975 miles on the odometer   2010.05.05
title issued, new owner reported   2010.06.16

no longer listed for sale   2010.06.29


listed for sale on the Napleton Porsche of Westmont web site for $129,997 with 1,970 miles on the odometer   2010.04.08

still listed for sale   2010.04.14


3rd owner: ?
purchased from: Steve Creech, Addison, Illinois >> Xotic Motorsport, St. George, Utah
purchase price: $ ?
purchase date: 2012 ?

listed for sale on the cars.com web site for $110,000 with 7,724 miles on the odometer   2011.12.09
seller = Steve Creech

“Original owner was David MacNeil, owner of WeatherTech. Original sticker price was $151,330. I am the second owner.
Many factory options including all leather interior with deviated stitching, Sport Chrono, Porsche Ceramic Composite
Brakes, Porsche factory roll cage, Carbon fiber rear wing and interior components. Here is the link to GT3RS registry:
http://www.gt3rsregistry.com/2007GT3RS/vin/2675.htm   Mileage: 7,724   I added approximately $25,000 in upgrades:
1. M&M BROMBACHER Race Exhaust System with valves for 997 GT3/RS with RSR style tips (still have original exhaust)
2. GT3 Hard Back Race Seats
3. Formula 43 RAD10 Racing wheels with Hoosier R6 tires (still have original wheels)
AP Rotors front, stock Porsche steel rotors rear (original ceramic rotors and pads only have 1,700 miles on them)
Full race alignment, bump steer kit, steel braid brake lines, corner balanced.
Professional 6point race harness Engine Dynod on 5/24/2011, 431 HP, 309 ft/lb torque

Condition: This car is in excellent working condition; power, handling, braking and overall performance are better than
new due to performance upgrades. This car always turns heads on the street and at the track. It looks stunning both inside
and out. Check out some of my incar videos at various race tracks: https://www.facebook.com/video/?id=100000314283133

no longer listed for sale on cars.com   2012.01.23


listed for sale on the cars.com web site   2012.04.19
still listed for sale on the cars.com web site for $94,777 with 8,000 miles on the odometer   2012.07.30
seller = Xotic Motorsport, St. George, Utah

no longer listed for sale   2012.12.10


4th owner: ?
purchased from: Exotic Motors Midwest, Saint Louis, Missouri
purchase price: $ ?
purchase date: ?

 for sale on the Exotic Motors Midwest web site for $99,888 with 9,167 miles on the odometer   2013.05.13

listed as SOLD   2013.08.07



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